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 BJJ in Japan

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PostSubject: BJJ in Japan   BJJ in Japan Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 3:35 am

I train in Miyagi, Japan at a club called Sou-jiu-kai (translated to mean something like: Soft Grass Club or Grass Jiu-Jitsu Club). The head instructor is BJJ Black Belt Takashi Iwabuchi (Iwabuchi-san). He is also the head instructor for all the Tohoku region Soujiukai clubs. The main club branch is in Sendai, Japan. There are at least 4 brown belts also training with the Soujiukai club. Some strong purples. Lots of blues and lots of whites. The club atmosphere is friendly. Instruction is mostly done in Japanese but there are about half a dozen foreigners trainging in the soujiukai club so you can expect someone to speak English.

Here is some information on the club (in Japanese):
Official Club page:

Japanese BJJ governing bodies (both of which recognize the Soujiukai Club)

jjfj page-

bjjfj page-

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BJJ in Japan
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