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 The danger of going "full retard in training"

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The danger of going "full retard in training" Empty
PostSubject: The danger of going "full retard in training"   The danger of going "full retard in training" Icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 12:13 am

Everybody out there knows at least on of these "full retards". You know the guy who comes to the clubs to prove he is the toughest guy ever to step foot in a gym. He/She focuses on trying to prove how awesome they are and as a result they don't learn anything. The inevitable outcome is one of three option:
-They have an epiphany and calm down (sadly not likely)
-They hurt themselves and this either leads to them quiting or to option 1
-They hurt someone else and lose training partners (no one wants to practice with someone who is going to hurt them)

I am sad to admit that a couple of years ago I was a full retard and it resulted in an injury but luckily I am still able to participate and i have learned the folly of my ways. I hope that this message reaches the full retard out there and they can avoid a fate worse than mine.

Pain is nothing compared to the feeling of giving up - anonymous
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The danger of going "full retard in training" Empty
PostSubject: Re: The danger of going "full retard in training"   The danger of going "full retard in training" Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 10:38 pm

I made a trip to Tokyo this week and I trained at one of the Tri-Force gyms. The instruction level is top-notch and the people are all very friendly. But I also managed to leave feeling like a total ass...

During one of my rolls I started to apply a loop-choke on somone. They resisted and tried to escape. I countered with downward pressure to prevent the escape, tried to secure the choke and increased the choke pressure. At some point the guy tapped but I did not feel it at all. And I even remember thinking, 'man, I must not have the choke applied properly because this guy should be tapping.' I'm not really sure what happened because if I had felt the tap I would have stopped immediately. Since I didn't feel a tap and he was still twisting I continued the choke. Seconds later the head instructor stepped in and told me to stop. The guy had passed out. Sad The head instructor helped him, the guy 'came to' and he took a break. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened while I was rolling. I was shocked to see that he had passed out and even more shocked to learn that he had tapped. I feel like a total ass about the whole thing and I am embarassed to have endangered one of my training partners like that. What a first impression, eh! I guess the take-away lesson for me is to be even more careful when applying a submisson. But my main hope is that I didn't negatively impact the other guy's impression of bjj and training.

I guess this kind of thing must happen once in a while. But yeah, hope it doesn't happen again with me!

'I dunno ka-rate but I know ka-razy!' -James Brown-
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The danger of going "full retard in training"
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