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 Gameness kimono

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PostSubject: Gameness kimono   Gameness kimono Icon_minitimeMon Dec 26, 2011 7:28 pm

Grapplegear is the only company with the legal production rights to the Gameness brand and logo, although there are now multiple other sites that sell these kimonos They have been formerly referred to as "US Gameness" on this site, but in fact they are the only legal Gameness brand. If you are buying Gameness from Brazil you are not getting a Gameness kimono.

I run into the owners of Grapplegear at tournaments all the time. They are very nice people who really support sport jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling. They have incorporated some changes in the kimono -- among them a better drawstring construction (see below).

Gameness Kimonos were originally brought to my attention by an e-mail from Volker Albishausen, who owned the Gameness name. He supplied me with a black Gameness kimono with some fantastic patches. The kimono was made in Brazil of a light, yet strong, 100% cotton "Gold Weave" but the collar is much thicker than other brands, comparable to HCK. The sleeves and hip V of the gi are reinforced to add strength. The kimono is not only top quality, it looks awesome, a big Gameness dog on the back, Gameness logo on the front left lapel (and right pant leg), and two different embroderies on the arms (one the Gameness dog, the other the logo). I would recommend this gi for both training and competition, as it is light enough to be comfortable, but has a thick enough collar to protect the neck. Mine shrunk a little after a couple of runs in the wash (cold-cold) and lost a tinybit of color. One fluke did occur -- I tore the drawstring on the pants after practice, after only a couple of months of use. I was trying to loosen the drawstring and it just snapped. I replaced it myself after after a trip to a cloth and crafts store.

From http://gi.jokerjitsu.com/home/gameness-kimono

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Gameness kimono
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