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 bad boy kimono

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PostSubject: bad boy kimono   bad boy kimono Icon_minitimeMon Dec 26, 2011 7:23 pm

Bad Boy Kimono come in one style...MASSIVE. This bad boy is 6 lbs., stands up by itself, and probably stops bullets. It has a cool Bad Boy symbol (eyes and a smirk) on the front over the heart. The collar is thick, so thick you almost damage your hands grabbing it. It is very coarse and tough but seems to be a good competition gi. An excellent gi but pricey (runs about $150)...
The kimono that I ordered for friend was off of www.groundfighter.com. They no longer carry jiu-jitsu kimonos, but you can try Bad Boy's website above. Since 2001 Dragao and Torah are the producers for Bad Boy. They also use Atama for their base kimono.

From http://gi.jokerjitsu.com/home/bad-boy

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bad boy kimono
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