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 Technique of the week 6... Open Guard Loop Choke

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Technique of the week 6... Open Guard Loop Choke Empty
PostSubject: Technique of the week 6... Open Guard Loop Choke   Technique of the week 6... Open Guard Loop Choke Icon_minitimeTue May 31, 2011 11:12 am

Since I have been playing around with butterfly/open guard lately I have also been trying to add a few open guard submissions. The idea being to give myself more options/tools to work with and my opponent more to think about. I mean, my ultimate goal is to work on my butterfly sweep but I think improving my open guard set-ups and attacks will allow me to setup and practice my butterfly. Next week I will post some videos on butterfly sweeps. But for now, please enjoy the open guard loop choke videos! Some of the videos show a set up from the knees and some show it from a seated position. Enjoy!

Loop choke #1

Loop choke #2

Loop choke #3

Loop choke #4

Loop choke #5

Loop choke #6 (from a sprawl or stuff)

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Technique of the week 6... Open Guard Loop Choke
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