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 Naja Extreme - Gold

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PostSubject: Naja Extreme - Gold   Naja Extreme - Gold Icon_minitimeSun Jan 30, 2011 11:33 pm

well, i've been using this Gi since about November 2010, and it's still in great shape. has some blood on it (too bad for me buying a white gi), but otherwise is solid haha. the stains lift out of the fabric easily though with proper treatment.

it fit well after purchase, so i haven't shrunk at all. in cold wash and hang dry it's still feeling pretty close to the same as the day i got it, fitting well.

rolling, it is a great gi. solid, and doesn't stretch much. very easy to remove hands from certain sleeve grips, and the collar is awesome for avoiding Gi-chokes (unless against higher level super-heavyweights with bear paw hands).

the price was a bit high, but for the quality i'm not going to complain.
i wanted to get something of as high quality as possible, so that i could use it both for training, and for competition - i got what i paid for and more.
it was around $185 on sale, taxes in, with an additional discount, and it's worth every penny thusfar.
i'll keep updating as i feel a need.

oh, the pants are awesome as well, good and solid. i've had some 250lb'ers grab the ankles and pull hard to pass my guard, and they never even felt like they were giving at all.

all stitching and material in perfect condition.
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PostSubject: Re: Naja Extreme - Gold   Naja Extreme - Gold Icon_minitimeSun Jan 30, 2011 11:49 pm

I gotta agree with you. This is an awesome gi and considering I have been using mine for a full year now (I did no gi for 5 months before that), it still looks pretty new.

My only beef is with the pants...definitely not made for a woman's hips, lol. I find them a bit stiff at times but considering I spend a lot of the class on my knees in Randori or guard passing drills, that's not always a bad thing.
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Naja Extreme - Gold
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