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 I love Saturday classes

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I love Saturday classes Empty
PostSubject: I love Saturday classes   I love Saturday classes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 1:27 pm

Where I train, there's an hour long Saturday class. It's an hour long as opposed to the 45-minute or 90-minute classes we have during the week. I like Saturdays because:

-there's usually not a lot of people so there's no excuse to slack off - the instructor will see it if you are!
-I don't get as tired as I do in the 90-minute classes but I sweat more than I do in the 45-minute classes
-since there's fewer students, there's more time for individual instruction
-and, since it's at 1 pm, I can sleep in a bit first and then I have the rest of my day afterward!

Even though Randori night is my favorite, Saturdays are pretty awesome too. Smile

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I love Saturday classes
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