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PostSubject: Back to basics   Back to basics Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 11:40 pm

Tonight at the club, we worked a lot of drills which are the cornerstone of our curriculum - guard passing, mount escapes, side control, and back escapes. Guys (and gals) - these basic moves can never be allowed to get stale!!! I've been training for 17 months and I still get stuck in side control and mount. Of course it depends a lot of the skill level of the person you train with and their relative size and weight to your own. But I truly believe that, until the day I can escape from and submit EVERY SINGLE PERSON I come up against consistently in these positions, I won't claim that these drills are useless or boring. And even then, I'll still continue to work them.

That being said...who feels like sharing their own tips for making escaping and/or holding these positions better? What works best, and what doesn't? For me, pulling a person up onto my knees when I'm holding side control is probably my favorite way of maintaining control. What usually DOESN'T work is the "scarf hold" - pretty much half of the time, they get me off-balance and sit up, then WHAM! I'm in their side control.
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