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 Ground Control

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PostSubject: Ground Control   Ground Control Icon_minitimeMon Dec 26, 2011 7:33 pm

I received a sample Ground Control Ultra Lite kimono. I thought they were kidding, but was rapidly pleasantly suprised. This kimono is indeed ultra lite, at first glance appearing to be a karategi. However the cloth is different, reminding several of us of parachute material. They have attached to this thin but extremely durable material to a passable collar, amazingly thick based on the supporting uniform but thin compared to other jiu-jitsu kimono. There are several reinforcing stitches throughout the uniform, done in off color presumably to convince the dubious but soon convinced consumer that this gi will withstand the rigors of practice. All the edges are reinforced strongly, and the kimono bears the patriotic Ground Control logo strategically on the shoulder. This kimono has withstood several practices with some big boys and significant trauma without any apparent damage.

If you want the most breathable and lightweight kimono available this is the kimono for you, if you are ready to take your idea of a kimono just a bit outside the box.

From http://gi.jokerjitsu.com/home/ground-control-gi

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Ground Control
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