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 No Gi training - gear

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PostSubject: No Gi training - gear   Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:40 pm

guys, i'll be honest.
i love to train, but i've spent so much money on muay thai and bjj (gi) gear that i was kinda not wanting to spend much on no-gi.
so, here's what i did.
went to walmart, and spent $7 on an athletic-works compression shirt, another $5 on a pair of compression shorts, and $12 on sale for some MMA-Elite boardshorts.

i see guys coming in with the Hayabusa boardshorts, and they're so nice... but in reality i think to save $72 and get a pair of the MMA-Elite ones on sale did just fine all things considered.

so, for all of my nogi clothing, i've spent a total of $24, and have been using since i started my nogi training in september. nothing's messed up which is pretty good to say when you cheap out on grappling gear.
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No Gi training - gear
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